See Africa through the eyes of Ashesi

See Africa through the eyes of Ashesi
Participate in student workshops, visit graduates in their workplaces, and discuss issues with Ashesi leadership.
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Ashesi University Founder and President

Patrick Awuah Interviews
SSIR, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, asks Ashesi’s founder and president, “What were the hardest challenges Ashesi had to overcome?”


Ashesi and AAI: Educating Africa’s Future Leaders

 October 9, 2015: This summer, The Africa-America Institute (AAI) named Ashesi as one of three pioneer partner universities for its Future Leaders Legacy Fund. The  Fund provides scholarships to bright but under-resourced African students to attend “top-performing African Universities and colleges.” This week, AAI published an animation video highlighting the dynamism and spirit of the Fund, which you can view here.

3D Printers, innovation and big ambitions for entrepreneurship at Ashesi

October 8, 2015: Inside the McNulty Foundation Design Lab, there is keen excitement. Students are huddled around Ashesi’s new 3D printers, watching as it prints out miniature models of the University logo. For most of the students in the room, it is the first time they have seen a 3D printer in action, and they are fascinated by it. For student Benedict Quartey ’18, however, Ashesi’s printer presents opportunities for him to manufacture parts for his own miniature 3D printer that would make it work…

The Robert E. & Dorothy J. King Engineering Building: recognizing the Kings’ contributions to Africa

October 6, 2015: Robert E. & Dorothy J. King, also known as Bob and Dottie King, have had a long commitment to helping reduce poverty in developing countries, especially in Africa. In 2011, after experiences with investing in startups and seeing the potential of entrepreneurs, the couple donated $150 million to Stanford to start the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED). SEED, which established its first regional center in Ghana, provides a combination of training, networking support, and coaching for established business leaders in…

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